1. The lease will initially be for 6 months. The lease thereafter may be terminated by either party by giving that party 2 months notice in writing.

  2. The rent shall be paid by direct debit every month in advance, payable at either the last day of the month or on the 1st of the month for the following months rent. For your records a emailed invoice will be sent at the start of each month. When you make the payment please use that months invoice number as your ref.

  3. In addition to the rent you will pay if applicable occupiers rates/council tax for the whole period you are responsible for the property.

  4. The property shall not be sub-let, furnished or unfurnished, whole or in part, nor the tenancy assigned without our written permission.

  5. You will accept the premises and any fittings there as in good tenantable condition. You shall be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from unknown or latent defect in the premises. You will undertake to make good all damage to the property not caused by ordinary wear and tear. NO alterations or improvements to the property shall be carried out without our permission and consent in writing. Also you agree to keep any ground attached to the property neat and tidy.

  6. You will be responsible for ensuring the property has adequate heating during winter and all reasonable care is taken to ensure the property is protected from frost. Any repairs necessary as a result of frost e.g burst pipes will be charged to the tenant.

  7. You will agree to keep access roads completely clear of any articles or vehicular traffic at all times. Front of the building must be kept clear.

  8. You will ensure workers, visitors, vehicle loading or unloading do not block doors or access for others.

  9. No animals shall be kept in the property by you without permission and written consent.

  10. At no time should any noise from music be loud enough to disturb adjacent neighbours.

  11. The rent may be raised annually in accordance with inflation.

  12. In the event of the rent being overdue for a period of fourteen clear days or more or any provisions of the lease being breached we shall be entitled to terminate the lease forthwith.

  13. You agree to abide by the rules of the property or in the case of dispute to accept our decision as final.

  14. McCombie Builders take no responsibility for any damage to tenants stored goods. Including but not exclusively damage caused by water, fire, adverse weather and building collapse.

  15. Tenants should thoroughly inspect property prior to accepting these terms and on a weekly basis. Any concerns or issues found should be brought to McCombie Builders attention immediately.

  16. No burning or naked flames on site.

  17. No storage of highly combustible materials such as petrol etc.